Digital Marketing for Pre Natal Care in Singapore

digital marketing for pre natal care

With the introduction of digital media, the prenatal care industry in Singapore can now tap into women’s increased digital literacy. Specifically, women caring for their first child are more likely to use such media than other people. While a visit to the doctor is necessary, it is not always possible for women to acquire all the information and support they need. With this in mind, the digital marketing of the prenatal care industry has become increasingly important.

As a prenatal care marketer, you can create a strategy that will appeal to women’s needs. One example of a successful digital marketing campaign is Bellevue Hospital, which is dedicated to patient-centered delivery. This campaign focuses on patient-centricity and highly trained staff. By focusing on the obvious benefits, the video and web traffic have skyrocketed. It has helped the brand build its reputation as a leader in the field by promoting one-on-one discussions with patients. The digital marketing campaign also includes interviews with medical and hospital staff and includes patient testimonials.

Another great way to reach expectant and new moms is through digital marketing. Using evidence-based content that is created by medical experts and trusted by millennial mothers is an effective way to attract attention and create a positive impression. Besides a video, your website will also feature a long-form woman-to-woman conversation and social media. Videos on a variety of topics and platforms will ensure that you’re reaching your target audience and helping them find the best healthcare for their needs.

Using an app is one way to reach women who otherwise would not seek prenatal care. In the case of Bellevue Hospital, mobile phones with the BornFyne app were delivered to expectant mothers in Bali from March 2018 to March 2020. Health care workers taught expectant mothers how to use the app and helped them enter their health data online. This gave them an ongoing dialogue with their health care team. Additionally, the app could also help locate a mother in case of an emergency. The digital marketing team also worked with other partners to gain more insight into the social behavioural aspects of prenatal care.

In addition to these types of media, pregnant and postpartum women are actively participating in the creation of digital media for pre natal care. While the digital media of this sector can be used to reach women, they still need to know what they are getting out of it. These women are more likely to trust an advertisement that uses images of babies and newborns. A website that uses graphics for prenatal health and baby’s care can appeal to these women.

Besides using videos and images to promote the services of pregnancy, the digital marketing of pre natal care can also be used for research purposes in Singapore. For example, Bellevue Hospital is using Facebook ads to reach women looking for prenatal screening and biobanking. This type of campaign has been successful in increasing awareness of the health services offered at this hospital. While these strategies are not as widespread as traditional marketing, they do have the potential to be highly successful.